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8am-3pm /only $135 /Ages 8-15
July 1 - July 12
JOIN US FOR OUR 1ST SUMMER as Philly's most exciting acting camp! With classes for kids ages 8 to 15, the Summer Theatre Camp provides a wide range of specialized courses which the students take everyday including acting, singing, tap dance, improvisation, on-camera technique and much much more!
Theater may be considered a dying art, but it has survived for centuries, and still continues to do so. Children of all ages are still interested in performing, and there are plenty of different places for them to get on stage.

From musicals to Shakespeare with a twist, there are all kinds of opportunities to act, sing and dance in Philadelphia. Some theater camps for kids are all rehearsals and lead up to performances, while others are all about learning skills valuable in the theater world.

Whatever kind of performing your child is interested in, you can be certain we have a program here for them to enjoy this wonderful art.
Have the time of your life at the Summer Theatre Camp!