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When it comes to the world of gaming, progress continues to be made. Console and PC games are considered by many to be works of art. Games on handheld devices such as phones and iPads are increasingly popular. It is a great time to be going to school for game design!

All those long nights staying up till 2 am to play video games can finally pay off...literally. Being an avid gamer in this day and age is now worth more than just fun and games - there are quite a few scholarships for gamers who are looking to pay for college! Esports have entered the collegiate sports arena, where students can land Esports scholarships and get paid to play.
July 1- July 12 (may get extended)
Two weeks of gamer and registration CAMP $310
8am- 3pm age 10-15
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All gamer's most bring their own controller and headset. You may bring their own games as well. Let's PLAY!!
XBOX only